Musica anni 90


Prezioso feat Marvin – Let me stay

Prezioso feat Marvin – Tell me why

Prezioso feat Marvin – In my mind

Prezioso feat Marvin – Let’s talk about a man

Prezioso feat Marvin – Voices

Prezioso feat Marvin – E gira tutto intorno alla stanza

Prezioso Feat. Marvin – Rock The Discothek

Prezioso – Emergency 911

Prezioso – Le Louvre

Eiffel 65 – Blue

Eiffel 65 – Move your body

Eiffel 65 – Too much of heaven

Eiffel 65 – The bad touch

Eiffel 65 – Back In Time

Eiffel 65 – Lucky

Eiffel 65 – Viaggia insieme a me

Mabel – Disco disco

Mabel – Bum bum

Mabel – Land of sex

Mabel – Like a dream

Mabel – Come to light

Mabel – Melba

Mabel – Don’t let me down

Mario Più feat More – Run away

Mario Piu – Techno harmony

Mario Piu – Belive me

Daydream – Thinkin’ about you

B-1 feat. Maverick – Indian summer

DJ Ross – Dreamland

DJ Ross – Emotion

Erika – Ditto

Erika – I don’t know

Erika – Relations

Vasco Rossi – Stupendo

Vasco Rossi – Il mondo che vorrei

Vasco Rossi – Vita spericolata

Visage – Fade to grey

Gunther – Ding Dong Song

Dik Dik – Il Primo giorno di primavera

Gigi D’Agostino – Lo sbaglio

Gigi D’Agostino – The power of love

Gigi D’Agostino – Un giorno credi

Gigi D’Agostino – Gigi’s violin

Gigi D’Agostino – Bla bla bla

Gigi D’Agostino – L’Amour toujours

Gigi D’Agostino – Another way

Gigi D’Agostino – The way

Gigi D’Agostino – Fly

Gigi D’Agostino – Super

Gigi D’Agostino vs Mauro picotto – Angels simphony

Gigi D’ Agostino – The riddle

Gigi D’ Agostino – L’ultimo dei Mohicani

Gigi D’ Agostino – Tecno fes

Gigi D’Agostino – Silence

Gigi D’Agostino Sud sound system – Radici Dag

Soriani Brothers – Take me one more time

J.K. – You got me dancing

M.T.J. – Lovely dance

Mondotondo – You can’t touch

L.E.O. – Jungle life

J-AN Project – Falling in love

Co.Ro. feat Lyen – Run Away

Co. Ro. feat. Taleesa – 4 your love

Voices Of Life – The word is love

The Beloved – Sweet harmony

Coolio – Gangsta’s paradise

Billy More – The new millenium girl

Billy More – Loneliness

Billy More – Keep on burning

Billy More – Come on and do it

Ti.Pi.Cal feat Kimara – Music is my life

Modern Talking – Brother Louie

Modern Talking – Cheri cheri lady

Modern talking – You can win if you want

Modern Talking – You’re my heart you’re my soul

Modern Talking – 100 years

Modern Talking – China in her eyes

Modern Talking – Atlantis is calling

Modern Talking – Jet airliner

Modern Talking – Angie’s heart

Raf – Self control

Bliss Team – With or without you

Lasgo – Something

Red 5 – Da beat goes

The Underdog Project – Summer jam

Ethnics Beats – Alla fiera dell’Est

Mricky & Danieli – Tu

Malik from the outhere brothers – You don’t know Malik

More – Around the world

Cappella – U got 2 let the music

Cappella – U & me

Cappella – Angel

Mauro Picotto – Komodo

Naive- Looking for happiness

Naive – Joy is

Kim Lukas – To be you

Kim Lukas – Let it be the night

Kim Lukas – Let me fly

Unconditional – Feel so right

Unconditional – Magic fett

Unconditional – Computer love

Supercar – Computer love

Bamble B – Crime of passion

Bamble B – Coming through the light

The Soundlovers – Surrender

The Soundlovers – Living in your head

The Soundlovers – Walking

The Soundlovers – We wanna party

The Soundlovers – Wonderful life

The Soundlovers – Abracadabra

The Soundlovers – Flow

Paps’n’Skar – You want my love

Paps’n’Skar – Loving you

Paps’n’Skar – Love is love

Paps’n’Skar – Che vuoto che c’è

Paps’n’Skar – Get in on

Paps’n’Skar – Mirage

Miguel Bose – Se tu non torni

Francesco De Gregori – La donna cannone

Toto Cotugno – L’italiano vero

Lucio battisti – il mio canto libero

Get-Far – The radio

Apple 9 – What you do to me

Fifty Fifty – Listen to me

Fifty Fifty – I want you

Luca Zeta – I’ll be good to you

Vanni G – All my illusions

Hotel Saint George – Lost in you

Hotel Saint George – Never say never

Hotel Saint George – Welcome to my life

Hotel Saint George – Looking for a good time

Adriano Celentano – Il ragazzo della via Gluck

Adriano Celentano – Una carezza in un pugno

Adriano Celentano – Ma perchè

Adriano Celentano – Per averti

Adriano Celentano – L’emozione non ha voce

Adriano Celentano Mina – Acqua e sale

Adriano Celentano – Soli

Scotch Disco Band – Disco band

O-Zone – Despre Tine (Prezioso remix)

Floorfilla – Le Delire

Floorfilla – Sister Golden hair

Floorfilla – Anthem #1

Floorfilla – Anthem #2

Floorfilla – Anthem #3

Floorfilla – Anthem #4

Floorfilla – Anthem #5

Floorfilla – Anthem #6

Floorfilla – Technoromance

Robert Miles – Fable

Robert Miles – Children

Robert Miles – One and one

Mr. President – Coco Jambo

Mr. President – I’ll follow the sun

Mr. President – Up ‘n away

Mr. President – I give you my heart

ATB – Let u go

ATB – 9 PM till i come

ATB – I don’t wanna stop

ATB – Don’t stop

ATB – You are not alone (Airplay Mix)

ATB – Long way home

Miss Jane – It’s a fine day

M.P. Gang – Future gun

Wamdue Project – King of my castle

Carolina Marquez – Ritmo

Carolina Marquez – Discomani

Carolina Marquez – Super dj

Dune – Can’t stop raving

Dune – Million miles away from home

Favilli Feat Dyonne – So in love with you

Snap – I ve got the power

Andrea Bocelli – Canto della terra

Andrea Bocelli ft. Giorgia – Vivo per lei

Luciano Pavarotti – Caruso

Luciano Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma

Era – Looking for something

Era – Ameno

Era – The mass

Enya – Carribbean blue

Enya – Only time

Enya – Now we are free

Jola – Moon and sun

Lady Violet – Inside to outside

Lady Violet – In your Mind

Lady Violet – Calling your name

Lady Violet – No way no time

Lady Violet – Beautiful world

The Free – Lover on the line

The Free – Dance the night away

The Free – Children of the night

Run DMC – Praise my dj

Web – Lovin’ times

Web – Like an angel

Web – Morning

Martinelli – Cenerentola

Jimmy Gomma – Feels like heaven

Gheorghe Zamfir – The lonely shepherd

Miko Mission – Let it be love

Miko Mission – How old are you

Nina – I’m so excited

Nina – Until all your dreams come true

Pointer Sisters – I’m so excited

Rai N B fever – Yeppa mama

Amr Diab – Nour el ein

Cheb Hasni – Mazel souvenir andi

Cheb Khaled – Aicha

Cheb Khaled – C’est la vie

Shana Vanguarde – Dancing queen

E.Magic – Stop

Clutch feat. Beha – The light

Clutch – I love my dreams

Clutch – I can’t wait

Molella – Discotek people

Molella – Originale radicale musicale

Molella – T.V.A.B.

Molella – Genik

Rollergirl – Luv u more

Rollergirl – Superstar

Yves LaRock – Rise up

2 Brothers on the 4th floor – Dreams

2 Brothers on the 4th floor – Never alone

2 Brothers on the 4th floor – Living in cyberspace

2 Brothers on the 4th floor – Fly

Double You – Dancing with an angel

Double You – Please don’t go

Double You- Run to me

Regina – Close the door

Regina – I’m back

Regina – Day by day

Regina – You and me

Regina – What can you do

Regina – You don’t fool me

Carrara – Shine on dance

Zhi-Vago – Celebrate the love

Zhi-Vago – Dreamer

Brothers – The moon

Brothers – Dance now

Brothers – Sexy girl

Brothers – Dieci cento mille

Paps’n’skar – Balla come sei bella

Gala – Freed from desire

Gala – Come into my life

Gala – Let a boy cry

Gala – Suddently

Gala – Faraway

Haddaway – What is love

Haddaway – Fly away

Snap – Rhythm is a dancer

Corona – Baby baby

Corona – The rhythm of the night

Playahitty – The summer is magic

Playahitty – I love the sun

La Bouche – Be my lover

La Bouche – You won’t forget me

La Bouche – Sweet dreams

La Bouche – Tonight is the night

La Bouche – In your life

Cher – Strong enough

Cher – Belive

Cher – All or nothing

Cher – Dov’è l’amore

Ice Mc – Think about the way

Ice Mc – It’s a rainy day

Alexia – The summer is crazy

Alexia – Me and you

Alexia – Goodbye

Alexia – Uh la la la

Alexia – Money honey

Alexia – Want you

Alexia – Let the music play

Alexia – Number one

Desree – Oh life

Sash! – Adelante

Sash! – Ecuador

Sash! – Stay

Sash! feat Tina Cousins – Mysterious time

Sash! feat Boy George – Run

Sash! – Ganbareh

Sash! – I belive

Sash! – Encore une fois

Sash! – With my own eyes

Sash! – Together again

Las ketchup – Asereje

Kaoma – Lambada

Tracy Spencer – Run to me

Industry – State of nation

Fiction Factory – Feels like heaven

Gazebo – I like Chopin

Alphaville – Forever young

Alphaville – Big in Japan

Alphaville – Sounds like a melody

A-ha – Take on me

Da Blitz – Let me be

Da Blitz – Take my way

Da Blitz – Stay with me

Da Blitz – Movin on

Talk Talk – Such a shame

Miranda – Vamos a la playa

Miranda – Bamba

Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics

Opus – Live is Life

Europe – The final countdown

Freddie Mercury – Living on my own

Scatman John – I’m a Scatman

Scatman John – Scatman’s world

Captain Hollywood Project – More and more

Captain Hollywood Project – Only with you

Captain Hollywood Project – Flying high

Captain Hollywood Project – Love and pain

Ace of base – All that she wants

Ace of base – Beautiful life

Ace of base – The sign

Ace of base – Happy nation

Maxx – Get away

Culture Beat – Mr. Vain

Dr. Alban – It’s my life

Dr. Alban – Look who’s talking

Dr. Alban – Let the beat go on

Neja – Restless

Neja – The game

Neja – Time flies

Righeira – No tengo dinero

Paradisio – Bailando

Paradisio – Bandolero

Pet Shop Boys – It’s a sin

Pet Shop Boys – Go West

Pet Shop Boys – West end girls

Pet Shop Boys – I’m with stupid

Duran Duran – Ordinary world

Charles & Eddie – Would i lie to you?

U.S.U.R.A. – Drive me crazy

Datura – Will be one

Datura – Mantra

Usura & Datura – Infinity

Aqua – Cartoon Heroes

Aqua – Halloween

Aqua – Barbie girl

Aqua – My oh my

Aqua – Doctor Jones

Aqua – Lollipop

Aqua – Roses are red

Quadran – Eternally

Vengaboys – Boom boom

Vengaboys – We’re going to Ibiza

Daft Punk – One more Time

Daft Punk – Around The World

Digital Rockers – Because I love you

Dj Mangoo – Eurodancer

Gabry Ponte – Geordie

Gabry Ponte – Time to rock

Gabry Ponte – Centro di gravità

Gabry Ponte – Figli di Pitagora

Gabry Ponte – The man in the moon

Gabry Ponte – De musica tonante

Gabry ponte – Ea ea

Gabry ponte – Sin pararse

Gabry ponte – Giulia

Gabry ponte – Got to get

Gabry Ponte – La danza delle streghe

Gabry Ponte – U.N.D.R.E.G.R.O.U.N.D.

Danijay – I fiori di lillà

Fools Garden – Lemon tree

Dj Dado – Coming back

Dj Dado feat J. White – You and me

Dj Dado – Gimme love

Dj Dado – Metropolis

Dj Dado – Revenge

Dj Dado – Where are you?

Dj Dado feat Michelle Weeks – Forever

Dj Dado feat. Nina – One and only

X static – Move me up

X-treme – Love song

The Tamperer ft Maya – Feel it

Molella e Phil J – With this ring let me go

Bacon Popper – Free

Gayà – It’s love

Alice Deejay – Want you back in my life

Alice Deejay – Better off alone

Alice Deejay – Will I ever

More – Forever with me

T42 feat Sharp – Melody blue

T42 feat SHARP – Run to you

French Affair – My heart goes boom

French affair – Do what you like

S.M.S. feat. Rehb – La vie c’est fantastique

S.M.S. feat. Rehb – Amor Bijoux Bijoux

Latin Lovers – Bailando

Latin Lovers – La fiesta

Eddy Wata – Jam

Eddy Wata – In your mind

Eddy Wata – La bomba

Gigi & Molly – Con il nastro rosa

Mastro G – The puppet

RUN-DMC vs. Jason Nevins – It’s like that

Earphones – Primetime sexcrime

Antico – We need freedom

Everything but the girl – And i miss you

Howard Jones – What is love

Ryan Paris – Dolce vita

883 – Hanno ucciso l’Uomo Ragno

883 – Nord Sud Ovest Est

883 – Tieni il tempo

883 – Sei un mito

883 – Come mai

883 – Gli anni (Bliss team classic remix)

883 – Il grande incubo

883 – Non ci spezziamo

883 – La lunga estate caldissima

883 – La regina del celebrità (Eiffel65 remix)

Luis miguel – Noi ragazzi di oggi

Amedeo minghi Mietta – Vattene amore

Nomadi – Io vagabondo

Renato Zero – Il triangolo no

Renato Zero – I migliori anni della nostra vita

Safri Duo – Played a live

Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler

Whigfield – Saturday Night

Whigfield – I want to love

Whigfield – Givin all my love to you

Whigfield – Gotta getcha

Vangelis – Chariots of fire

Vangelis – Hymne

Vangelis – Conquest of paradise

Vangelis – Last of the mohicans

Al Bano Carrisi & Romina Power – Felicità

Bad Boys Blue – You’re a woman i’m a man

Bad Boys Blue – I wanna hear your heartbeat

Desireless – Voyage voyage

Richard Sanderson – Reality

Sandra – Maria Magdalena

Sandra – In the heat of the night

Angela Gheorghiu Puccini Schicchi – O mio babbino caro

Rockwell – Somebody’s watching me

Louis Armstrong – What a wonderful world

Fragma – I need a miracle

Fragma feat. Maria Rubia – Everytime You Need Me

Anggun – Snow on the Sahara

Zucchero feat Cheb Mami – Così celeste

Biagio Antonacci – Iris

Eminem – Lose yourself

Eminem – Mockingbird

Eminem – When I’m gone

Eminem – Like toy soldiers

Lucio Dalla & Gianni Morandi – Vita

Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Wonderful days

Smile dk – Butterfly

Caramell – Caramelldansen

Caramell – Explodera

Prezioso feat. Marvin – We rule the danza

Bobby Flexter – Profondo rosso

Antonello Venditti – In questo mondo di ladri

Cyndi Lauper – Girls just want to have fun

Cyndi Lauper – Time after time

Cascada – I need a miracle

Haiducci – Dragostea Din Tei

R.I.O. – Shine one

R.I.O. – When the sun comes down

Alphaville – Big in Japan

Hot butter – Popcorn

C.C. Catch – Jump in my car

C.C. Catch – Backseat of your Cadillac

Veronica – I can’t get enough

Down low – Once upon a time

Joy – Touch by touch

Deal – Shine

Boyz-r-us – Singin’ in my mind

T42 feat Sharp – Find time

Dj Taz & Highlander dj – Pika pika

A.D.A.M. feat. Amy – Zombie

Quadran – Free your mind

G.E.M. – I wanna fly

G.E.M. – I feel you tonight

Mash – Maybe one day

Mash – Music is playing so loud

Mash – In your arms

Skipper – Struggle for pleasure

CRW – I feel love

Gayà – i keep on dreaming

Sequential One – Dreams

Sound on line – Creeping

Felix da Housecat – Silver screen

X-One – Wet wet wet

Nagano Allstars – Push it to the limit

Edge of universe feat. Dominik – Afterlife

Duke – Womanchild

Noemi Dee – Leave me alone

Noemi Dee – Out of my soul

Daddy dj – Daddy dj

Daddy dj – over you

Atomiko – Lele dance

Zorotl – I wanna be

Angie L.C. – Don’t let me down

Sally can dance – You spin me round

Mo-do – Eins zwei polizei

Mo-do – Super gut

Kaliya – Ritual tibetan

Kaliya – Canto vagabundo

Joy – Weekend

Gate – Somebody to love

R.E.D. – You make me feel

Tenessee – Tell me

The master – The master

JX – There’s nothing I won’t do

B-Charme – This is my world

B-Charme – Wake me up

Blyzart – This is the time

Digital boy with Asia – The mountain of king

Ac one – Ring the bell

Sandy – Bad boy

Hard in tango – This is my dj

2 Thousand feat. D.D. Klein – Fire

2 Thousand feat. D.D. Klein – Emotion

Systematic – Everyday

Voice 2 Voice – Music forever

D.E.A.R. – Talk to Me

Scooter – Move your ass

Scooter – The logical song

Scooter – How much is the fish

Scooter – Nessaja

Scooter – No fate

Ganymed – It takes me higher

Mohikana – I will find you

YOMC – Oasis

Bad boys blue – Pretty young girl

Céline Dion – The power of love

Hevia – Busindre Reel

Nicos – Secret love

Jimmy Cliff – Reggae night

The pretenders – I’ll stand by you

Tullio De Piscopo – Andamento lento

York – On the beach

Rational youth – City of night

Kim Wilde – Cambodia

Vanni G – Time is over

CRW presents Veronika – After the rain

Sandy Marton – People from Ibiza

Gitta – No more turning back

Pay Day vs Simone Jay – Good times

Liquido – Narcotic

Nylon moon – Angels of love

Roland Brant – Mastermind

Roland Brant – Moon’s waterfalls

Fabietto dj – Treasure

R.O.D. – Free your soul

JK – You and I

Skyline – Dream in the night

Sarina Paris – Look at us

Sarina Paris – Just about enough

Leon Klein – Give yourself to me

Cassandra – Doobi doobi doo

Cassandra – Cassandra – Rien ne va plus

Vince Di Cola – Training montage

Vince Di Cola – War

Nicole Brand – Together

Double Dee – I belive

666 – Dance 2 disco

666 – Supa dupa fly

Odina – Into the night

Bibi Schon – Ooh my baby

Dj Bobo – Freedom

Dear – Talk to me

A.B.A. 7 – Like A Butterfly

Electropump – Do you like Brahms?

R.O.D. – Free your soul

Netzwerk – Passion

Netzwerk – Memories

Netzwerk – Send me an angel

The Sunclub – Fiesta

Alex Remark – Pyramid

Alex Remark – Nephertity

Blackwood – I miss you

Blackwood – I am

Blackwood – Friday night

Blackwood – You’re the one

North Pole – Sammaria

Magic box – Carillon

Magic Box – 4 Your Love

Player 8th – Let it all go

Marie Claire D’Ubaldo – The rhythm is magic

Sunbeam – Dreams

Sunbeam – Outside World

Re-Public – Radio Moscow

Full frontal – You think you’re a man

Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky Mark – Happy people

Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky Mark – United

Gerry Rafferty – Baker street

Mark’ Oh – Randy

Mark’ Oh – Tears don’t lie

Pianonegro – In Africa

Countermove – Myself free

Blank & Jones – After Love

Blank & Jones – Beyond time

Cindy – Crazy for you

Eliane – Lero lero lero le le

Eliane – Call me baby

Eliane – Take my heart

Xeya – Kiss me

Metallic Glide – Hinei ma tov

Draganà – Taxi fantastique

Kronos – Magica Europa

Funny – Sing a song

Planet Perfecto – Bullet in the gun

Fourteen 14 – Goodbye

Alizee – Moi Lolita

Alizee – J’en ai marre

Rockets Brahama – Future Woman

Underfish – Acid music

Underfish – The mission

Underfish – It’s my beat

Underfish – Why

Underfish – Universe of love

Guru Josh – Infinity

Promiseland – Walking all together

Promiseland – I belong to you

Roger Sanchez – Another chance

Steven Z – I miss you tonight

Steven Z – Time of love

Love Bug Lovers – I’m a love bug

The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize

Alex Lab – Ghost house

Pharao – There is a star

Pharao – I show you secrets

Pharao – Gold in the piramid

Pharao – Love is a miracle

Pharao – Temple of love

Flaminio maphia – Ragazze acidelle

Flaminio maphia – La mia banda suona il rap

Flaminio maphia – Voglio il motorino

USA for Africa – We are the world

Mondo Marcio – Nessuna via d’uscita

Mondo Marcio – Dentro alla scatola

Mondo Marcio – 01-08-1997

Mondo Marcio – La mia metà

Mondo Marcio – La gente sola

Mondo Marcio – Ti starò affianco

Mondo Marcio – Segui la stella

Mondo Marcio – Tieni duro

Fabri Fibra – Mal di stomaco

Fabri Fibra – Applausi per Fibra

Fabri Fibra – Bugiardo

Sinik Feat. Big Ali & Cheb Bilal – Bienvenue chez les Bylka

Rim’K – Rachid system

113 feat Reda Taliani – Partir Loin

Gianna Nannini – I maschi

Russ Ballard – Voices

Serious danger – Deeper

Serious danger – High noon

Radio Deejay 4 Christmas – Song for you

Ricky Le Roy – First mission

Terzo Millennio – The king & the nursery

Lello B – Clear world phase one

Einstein Doctor Deejay – Cosmic radio station

Shaft – Mucho mambo sway

Trinity – Into the blue

Baltimora – Tarzan boy

Bee Gees – You win again

Dc 2000 – I’m dreamin

Francis – Infinitive love

O.C.P. feat Robey B – forget me

Sangwara – find a way

The three degrees – Jump the gun

Team Colors feat JJ – Sunshine

Grenada – Superstar

Markus – My music

Markus – Electronic

Markus – Superlove

T.H.K – Feel So Good

Wienna – Little Angela

Mardie – Sexy witch

Mardie – All i need is love

Sonique – It feels so good

Albert One – Music

Sals 8 Feat. K-Bizzare – Downtown

Lupin – Girls

Program 4 – Bam Bam

Labelle – Plastic dog

Labelle – Ping pong

Labelle – Looking in your eyes

Echoes of sound – Need somebody

Simple Es – Love me tonight

Redwing – Place to be

Ce Ce Lee – Ole le

[email protected][email protected] [email protected] love you

DJ’s @ work – Someday

Noemi – Y.O.U.

Noemi – In my dreams

Hypetraxx – The darkside

Alicia – Open your eyes

Alicia – Super girl

Highland – Se tu vuoi

Dj Bum Bum – Believe

Blizzard – It’s only love

Ultrabeat – Pretty green eyes

Black & White – Do you know

Schiller – Dream of you

The dog – come on let’s go

U96 – Love sees no colour

U96 – Inside your dreams

U96 – I wanna be a kennedy

OB3 – Got 2 move

Solid Base – Stay with me

Solid Base – I like it

Imperio – Never go away

Imperio – Return to paradise

Nite beat – Don’t walk away

Le click – Call me

Lucrezia – Lookin’ 4 love

Ozz – 01

N-trance – Set you free

Clay – Where is my life

Max Gazzè – Una musica può fare

Fargetta – Good times

Ago – Put on your red shoes

Sparks – When do i get to sing my way

Watergate – Heart of Asia

Dj Vertigo – Oxygene

Lucky Twice – Lucky

Blümchen – Heut’ is mein tag

Silja – Time For Eternity

F.O.M. – It’s love

Qu-Zar – Pleasure

Robin Cook – I won’t let the sun go down on me

East clubbers – My love

Daze – Super hero

Daze – Sea of love

Daze – Be my lover

E-Type – Set the world on fire

E-Type – Here I go again

E-Type – Eurofighter

Toy box – The sailor song

Critical mass – Burning love

Black – Wonderful life

Masterboy – Feel the heat of the night

Masterboy – Mister feeling

Decay – Last day on earth

Falone – Sarah’s nights

Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dogg – Still Dre

X-perience – My life goes on

Hakimakli – Dollaly

Jan Wayne – 1 2 3 keep the spirit alive

Cosmic gate – Exploration of space

Loft – It’s raining again

X2X – Later (Mainfield Remix)

Britney Spears – Baby one more time

Britney Spears – Oops i did it again

Manian – Welcome to the club

Steve Angello & Eric Prydz – Woz not woz

M.A.D.R.A.S. – Woodoorave

M.A.D.R.A.S. – Toka Krash

DJ Piccolo Vs. DJ E-Maxx – Living on video

Diana Fox – Running on empty

Rocco – Everybody

Faithless – Insomnia

Space melody – Luna park

Dj Quicksilver – Planet Love

Loredana Bertè – Il mare d’inverno

Franco Battiato – Bandiera bianca

Franco Battiato – La cura

Franco Battiato – Cuccurucucù

Franco Battiato – L’era del cinghiale bianco

Franco Battiato – Centro di gravità permanente

Backstret Boys – I want it that way

Heath Hunter & the Pleasure Company – Revolution in paradise

Celine Dion – My heart will go on

Celine Dion – A new day has come

Celine Dion – I drove all night

Celine Dion – The power of love

Scorpions – Wind of change

Whitney Houston – I will always love you

Martinelli – Cinderella

2 girlz – Afraid

Kosmonova vs. Fiocco – Celebrate

Junia – My guy

Saphira – Just for you (radio dance mix)

Spagna – E io penso a te

Spagna – I always dream about you

Squeezer – Blue jeans

Orlando – I’m dreaming

Melanie Flash – One in a million

Kassi Threw – It all away

Eros Ramazzotti – Terra promessa

Fun factory – Take your chance

Zoom – Lois Lane

Mario – Let me love you

Frankie HI-NRG MC – Quelli Che Benpensano

50 Cent – In da club

Shazam Shazam

E’ un’applicazione per dispositivi portatili che permette l’identificazione di un brano sconosciuto mediante il microfono, è abbastanza efficace nel riconoscere i brani, un’alternativa può essere Soundhound.

YouTubemp3 youtubemp3

Per chi volesse salvare l’audio di youtube, esistono svariati convertitori per esempio YouTubemp3 dove basterà incollare l’indirizzo del video di youtube, premere il tasto converti e scaricare il file, la qualità è in mp3 a 128kbps.

OnlineVideoConverter onlinevideoconverter

Un’alternativa è OnlineVideoConverter, la qualità è da 128 a 320kbps in mp3 oppure in altri formati.

Audio Record Wizard wizard

I più esigenti possono registrare direttamente dalla scheda audio del pc, scaricando questo programma (la versione di prova ha il limite di 2 min) e salvare direttamente in Wav (senza compressione) ma esistono anche altri formati lossless, la qualità non sarà ai livelli analogici ma è sicuramente meglio del mp3, va però detto che i Wav occupano parecchio spazio (circa 40Mb ogni 3 minuti e mezzo), inoltre bisogna fare delle prove per regolare il livello audio ottimale sia per non raggiungere la saturazione (clipping) e sia per sfruttare tutta la risoluzione possibile di campionamento (bit), ovviamente bisogna trovare una sorgente che trasmetta in alta qualità, per esempio una radio in streaming in hd o l’audio di youtube in hd.


Ovviamente se la sorgete ha una qualità bassa, anche registrandola in Wav, la qualità non migliorerà. Anche il Wav ha una frequenza e un numero di bit di campionamento (per esempio 32 bit a 192khz) e non tutti i lettori sono in grado di riprodurre questi formati. Un file di bassa qualità si può riconoscere, oltre dalla minor profondità di suono e dettagli, anche per la mancanza di alte frequenze, un saluto.


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